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View your business from a different perspective. Improve operational efficiency and enhance worker’s safety. Drone Expert Services Ltd uses the latest technological trend of products to capture more accurate information, repeatable data to help businesses take more effective decisions.

The future of drones solutions is here


Drone Expert Services uses the latest UAV flight equipments available on the market to provide cutting edge services to make your business or organization more efficient and effective. Drone Expert Services could be a game changer for your business.


Efficient solutions for everyday challenges. These autonomous flying robots with onboard sensors and GPS systems are creating new jobs and industries, saving lives, and providing scientific, economic, and social benefits that our society is just beginning to explore.


Drone Expert Services offers training for users who are looking to maximize their flight time and learn best-practice flying techniques. Discover the fundamentals of operating your drone, the principles of flight, flight safety, and how to get better each and every time.

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Innovative solutions for your business

Drone Pilot Training & Flight Assignment

Aerial Images & Videos

Drone Mapping

Precision Agriculture

Power line, Telecom & Commercial Site Inspection

Live Monitoring

Live Streaming

Security Monitoring

Search and Rescue

Drone Pilots Assistance

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Drone Expert Services Ltd will help you understand the application, operational and technical aspects of using commercial and industrial UAV’s. Our dedication is to work in collaboration to save you time, money and risks in your operations

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